We take a few assorted mat colors and some frame corner samples, along with the art provided, photograph them with our ceiling-mounted camera, and the imaging software does the rest! The mock-ups provide an excellent idea of how the finished framing will look, and the image can be emailed to a client (for decorators and designers) or a friend (for another opinion). We've done planning by email for clients as far away as New York, Pennsylvania and Georgia, and if you're in the neighborhood, the process may help you decide between several options.

Calligraphy is a time-honoured and classic art form, dating from well before there were printing presses. It's still the most personal way to create a decorative document or address an invitation.

Custom Picture Frames, Calligraphy, French Mats & Collage . . .

Jill Norvell, calligrapher

French Mats

​Collages and shadowboxes are among our favorite things to do. We enjoy the challenge of putting an assortment of items together in an interesting and attractive arrangement, and over the years we've done many of them. This one involved including the casings from a twenty-one gun salute and using a nautical map to cover the mat - it commemorates the burial at sea of a decorated naval officer.

Ellen Harms is a talented artist as well as a Certified Picture Framer. One of her many skills is the creation of French mats. A classic treatment for antique prints, it serves to enhance contemporary art as well. Using watercolor, ink and hand-marbled papers, she creates a rich and unique design for each mat she decorates.

Imaging Software